Phleng Yaak ja me chiwit tedee gwaa nee: Introducing the welfare state through songs that aren't just about one's own life


  • Chitsanupong Intarakaew Independent scholar


protest song, music for Life, commoner band, welfare state


There is a sarcastic remark and a question. Songs for Life (Who), demonstrating that this issue has been debated across society. Some groups assume that they just value the music. Personal issues of the artist should not be intrusive. However, by researching the backdrop of music for life that used to take place in society and taking into consideration the history of music for life in Thailand, one may understand what music for life should comprise. What kind of information is it? It also prevents the song from being pulled out of its social context.  As a result, this article contrasts songs of music for life with protest songs, as well as mentioning the Commoner band's song "Would like to live a better life." Reflecting on the current period's notion of music for life that evolved during the People's Party 2020, as well as communicating the idea that music for life must not be for the life of any single individual.






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