The Influence of Folk music on the Enhancement of executive function skills (EF) for Alpha generation


  • Chalermpol Ataso Division of Music Education, Nakhon Phanom University


Folk Music, Enhancement, Executive function skills (EF), Alpha generation


Currently, there are predictions about Generation Alpha children being the most intelligent and capable generation in human history. Studies are being conducted to understand their future and the context in which this generation will grow up. It has been observed that children in this era are growing up surrounded by digital information and have limitless access to knowledge. This has led to behaviors and tendencies such as easily getting bored, detachment from societal norms, and a high level of self-expression with lower social skills and reduced patience.

This academic article aims to present knowledge about Generation Alpha children and the development of Executive Functions (EF) through the use of traditional music as a foundation for learning activities. This includes aspects of EF that influence children's thinking and behaviors, which can be adapted or extended. By using traditional music as a foundation, learning activities are created to encourage independent thinking, active listening, and the enhancement of EF skills. This approach aims to contribute to creating well-rounded individuals who possess not only knowledge but also important social and cognitive skills.






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