The Impact of financial performance to use of the QR-Code technology to receive payments for goods and services : Case Study of pomelo operators in Amphawa

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Veerakij Utharnsakul
Kingkan Jarukana
Kusuma Sangkhakun


                The research objective is to The impact of financial performance to use of the QR-Code technology to receive payments for goods and services: Case study of pomelo operators in Amphawa. The study samples composed of a case study of pomelo operators in Amphawa and structured interviews were used as a tool to collect data from 72 pomelo owners. By sampling using the formula for finding the sample population with the formula of Taro Yamane from the population of 88 pomelo owners in Bang Nang Li Subdistrict, Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram Province. The statistics used in data analysis were only the descriptive statistics, and the multiple regression analysis (stepwise). The results of the research showed that the introduction of QR code technology to receive payments for goods and services : case study of pomelo operators in Amphawa has affected the financial performance of owners. This is based on the number of payments for goods and services with QR code (β = 0.41) and confidence in use (β = 0.20) with a predictive power 23.10% with significant difference of 0.05 the regression equation was
                Y =58.99 + 0.41(X1) **+ 0.20 (X2)**

Article history : Received 16 May 2021
                             Revised 1 August 2021
                             Accepted 4 August 2021
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Utharnsakul, V. ., Jarukana , K. ., & Sangkhakun, K. . (2023). The Impact of financial performance to use of the QR-Code technology to receive payments for goods and services : Case Study of pomelo operators in Amphawa. Journal of Management Science Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, 8(2), 397–408. (Original work published December 31, 2021)
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