The Production Service Documentation System using A Technology Acceptance Model

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Phanthikar Watthanakun et al.


                The goal of this study was to develop a document production system to support faculty members and officers needs to order and produce documents more conveniently. The system operates via web site to accept document production request online.
                The development processes are including problem analysis, system design, system development, system testing, and system maintenance. The system consists of 5 parts as follows, 1) members data 2) user’s status data 3) service request data 4) document production order and 5) officers data. The system evaluation results in 4 measures are as follows, perceived usefulness was at a high level, ease-of-use was at a highest level, usage intentions was at a high level, and attitude toward the technology was at a high level.

Article history : Accepted 10 November 2016
                              SIMILARITY INDEX = 1.23

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Watthanakun et al., P. (2018). The Production Service Documentation System using A Technology Acceptance Model. Journal of Management Science Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, 3(2), 102–111.
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