The network development to strengthen communities within the municipality of Nakhon Pathom.

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Somjai Phaoduang
Butsabong Suwanna
Phichamon Lertwatthanaphonchai
Sutisa Paiboonwatthanakit


                Educational research titled : The network development to strengthen  communities within the municipality of Nakhon Pathom. The purpose of   the research were 1) To study the fundamentals of the economy 2) To study of  the economic issues and community demand 3) To create the network  development and strengthen economic of community within the municipality  of Nakhon Pathom The research has been used the qualitative methodology.  Sample has been chosen from the member of 6 communities within  the Municipality of Nakhon Pathom. We selected 11 members from each  community, total 66 persons. Data has been collected by the structured interview,  unstructured interview, group discussion and workshops. Data has been presented  in the descriptive format.
                The results have shown the society issues such as the  lack of professional knowledge, low income, lack of child care, lack of exercise  area, lack of academic leaders, inconvenient transportation route for children  and the elderly for health check, flood and lack of public center to publish any  notification to community. Community needs professional training, higher  allowance for elderly, increase a place to relax and exercise, surveillance for  the community safety, free health and physical checkup and treatment, repair
roads and drainage included set up center for community notification. The  development approach are to promote professional training and academic  knowledge to the member of community, promote savings, take good care of  elderly and the disabilities person, assign security guard to take care the area.,  set up activities for the community involvement and establish the learning  centers to report information to create a strong network of community  development in term of community economic with the cooperation of the
government, private sector and the community.

Article history : Accepted 24 April 2015
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Phaoduang, S., Suwanna, B., Lertwatthanaphonchai, P., & Paiboonwatthanakit, . S. (2018). The network development to strengthen communities within the municipality of Nakhon Pathom. Journal of Management Science Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University, 2(1), 15–26.
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