Publishing Ethics

Duties of Authors
     1. An article must not be published in any journal before or not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
     2. Authors should ensure that their manuscript is original works, and cited publications must be listed in the references in accordance with the journal format.
     3. Authors should avoid untrue statements or withhold information.
     4. The listed authors should accurately participate in the article and all funding source must be disclosed in the acknowledgments.
     5. The published article must comply with the format determined by the journal.
     6. Authors must respond to all the suggestions of the reviewers and the Editor-in-Chief.
     7. Authors must obtain written permission to disseminate information from the source.
     8. Studies on human and animals require the approval from the ethic committee.

Duties of Editors
     1.The editor is responsible for considering and deciding which of the submitted articles should be published to the journal and may be beneficial to the readers. The editors would be guided by the policies of the journal.
     2.The editor must protect the confidentiality of authors and reviewers throughout the review process and all material or communications between authors and reviewers should not be interfered.
     3.The editor must not edit or change the content of the article nor the review from the reviewers.
     4.The editor must not use published or unpublished materials for personal interest or personal advantage.
     5.The editor must select the articles for publication based on their significance and contribution to the body of knowledge, clarity and consistency of the content, and in accordance with the editorial board policies.
     6.The editor must follow the procedures of the journal and thoroughly check copyright infringement and plagiarism. In case of violation, the editor must report and reject such article.
     7.The editor must not accept published article or proceeding elsewhere.
     8.The editor should not have a conflict of interest or personal stake with the author, the reviewers, and the editorial board.
     9.The editor shall contact the corresponding author for clarification in case of copyright infringement and plagiarism. If there is no technical explanation, the article will be rejected.
     10.The editor must maintain and develop the standards and quality, also reflect new knowledge for the journal.

Duties of Reviewers
     1.Reviewers should give comments and opinions in improving the quality of a submitted article without personal bias and in a timely manner.
     2.Reviewers must not have a conflict of interest or personal stake with the author – as a co-author, collaborators, or advisor which make the reviewers unable to give comments or suggestions independently.
     3.Reviewers should be conducted objectively in the context of their expertise. Personal opinions without backing evidence or biases should not be used when reviewing an article.
     4.Reviewers should give suggestions and research papers which significant to an article, but authors have not referred to.
     5.Reviewers should inform the editor if they suspect that an article under review contains duplicated works of other published articles or any suspected plagiarism.
     6.Reviewers must treat any received articles for review as confidential documents and must not share with anyone during the review process