Smart Tourism Business Development by Information Technology

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krot leksomboon


The objective of this research was to develope tourism business platform system, virtual tourism system, tourism searching system and automatic tourism transmission system. The key informants were personnel of Lanna Rice Barn Part., Ltd. and personnel of Pang Chang Tha Pae Mae Ta man Part., Ltd. and the target group was tourist. Evaluate tools were questionnaires and interviews. Data analyzed by content analysis, means, and standard deviation, the results were as follows: The tourism business platform system consists of virtual tourism system, tourism searching system and automatic tourism transmission system, each of the system connects to each other, the system has 3 storage: 1) JASON WordPress Server 2) JASON Firebase Server and 3) Line Server, which tourism business operators can plug-in the system. The virtual tourism system consists of VR (Virtual Reality) system and AR (Augmented Reality) system that give tourism’s new experience. The tourism searching system consists of the website (, Smart Tour Biz Application and Smart Tour Biz Line@, the content consists of tourism attractions, photos, 3600 images, video clips, back office system for business operators to plug-in and eases platform using, content managing by content system management via the website. The automatic tourism transmission system was transfer data automatic in the beacon signal radius into 2 phases: not more than 10 meters and 10-20 meters, each of phases receives a tourism information set such as promotion, map, AR searching, souvenirs or tour guide. The evaluation of the use of smart tourism business systems in general is appropriate at a high level. The issue with the highest average level is a virtual tourism system using, followed by the transmission of information is easy, content using is interesting, encouraging to traveling, the application has novelty and suitable for current tourism. Tourism entrepreneurs agreed that various systems using can be used easily. The procedure is not complicated, easily connect to existing information and manage data effectively. There are assortments of categories or explicit content, security system access, helping system, information maintaining control system and providing guidance. The system format corresponds to the needs of tourism entrepreneurs and tourist, help promote tourism entrepreneurs in various fields.


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krot leksomboon, Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University

Social Research InstituteSocial Research Institute, Chiang Mai University


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This research was funded by The Thailand Research fund, Lanna Rice Barn Part., Ltd. and Pang Chang Tha Pae Mae Ta man Part., Ltd. The researcher would like to thank you very much for making valuable research for tourism development in Thailand.