“Sexagenary cycle (天干地支)” and propagation of ideologies through its prophecies

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เกรียงไกร กองเส็ง


Astrology has embedded in the eastern society since the ancient time.  A prophecy influences the people’s belief by taking its deep root, which consequently affects individual emotion, sentiment, and ways of life. This article aims to study the propagation of ideologies through prophecies in the sexagency cycle (天干地支), a Chinese ancient fortunetelling which has bee passed on from generation to generation. The article demonstrates the key point, which is that, apart from the generic fortunes, these prophecies have various ideologies deeply hidden underneath. In the Sexagenary cycle (天干地支), important ideologies are, first, “teaching ideologies”, an important principle which leads the way of life and occupation. The other is “ideologies related to the core value of individual characteristics”, which are pursued and accepted by general people in society. In conclusion, if discretion is applied, an astrological prophecy will not be credulous. On the contrary, it will benefit the practitioners and others.


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