Serial Verb Constructions in “Khrâ:wsɔ:” Literature

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สิริมาศ แก้วกันทา


Serial verb constructions found in “Khrâ:wsɔ: literature: Honghin” conform to 6 aspects of prototypical serial verb constructions according to the main concept of serial verb constructions by Aikhenvald: components, grammatical properties, monoclausal constructions, predicative functions of the constructions, productivity and the numbers of verbs which might occur. In terms of the conditions of clausal serial verb construction occurrence in “/Khrâ:wsɔ/: literature: Honghin”, it was found that there is no intervening conjunction between verbs in the constructions. The study also found that, in “/Khrâ:wsɔ/: literature: Honghin”, all verbs in the constructions agree in tense, aspect, mood, affirmative-negative polarity, and at least one argument. In addition, the intonation of serial verb construction is similar to a simple sentence and there is no pause between verbs. The serial verb construction represents single event which is complicated. Moreover, the serial verb constructions of this literature are constant. This conveys a difference in stretch of continual sequence.


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