Testimony Papers and Ayutthaya History Studies

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กำพล จำปาพันธ์


        This article aims to study 3 historical testimonies including “Kham Hai Kan Chao Krung Kao” (Testimony on the people of Ayutthaya), “Kham Hai Kan Khun Luang Ha Wat” (Testimony of Khun Luang Ha Wat), “Kham Hai Kan Khun Luang Wat Pradue Songtham: Ek Ka San Chak Ho Luang” (Testimony of Khun Luang Wat Pradu Songtham: Documents from the Royal Palace), by analyzing documents from the historical method. The research focuses on the contribution of the study of Ayutthaya history. The results are as follows: the historical testimony is precious historical evidence in the comprehension of Ayutthaya society in terms of economics, trades and cultures. Ayutthaya as the international port city was similar to other port cities in Southeast Asia. The documents highlight the importance of the market place and the role of foreign merchants in the economic, social, politic, and cultural systems of Krung Sri Ayutthaya.


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