The Vulnerable Child’s Right to be Ethically Researched

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Mark Peter Capaldi


This year is the 30th Anniversary for ECPAT International, a global network of 118 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) working in 102 countries to eliminate the sexual exploitation of children. For ECPAT, and of course many other NGOs working with particularly vulnerable children, evidence-based research is needed to inform their strategies, and programmes which requires specific ethical standards and practical skills. Recognising that NGO research is often constrained by methodological weaknesses, in 2019, Dr. Gabrielle Berman (now the Senior Advisor for Ethics in Evidence Generation at UNICEF Innocenti) was commissioned to write a robust review of the literature and learning concerning the critical considerations for ethical research on sexual exploitation involving children.

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Gabrielle, B. (2019). Ethical research on sexual exploitation involving children.Bangkok: ECPAT International.