National Defense College’s Training and Development Project Evaluation


  • Chaiyuth Chinokul


Training and development, training evaluation, national defense college


The main objective of this research was to evaluate the National Defense College course. It was also aimed at studying the problems involved with instruction and at providing policy recommendations to improve the course. The survey was conducted with the entire population of 293 course participants attending the 56th National Defense College training course and developed program in 2013-2014. Questionnaire was employed as a research instrument to collect quantitative data. The pre and post test scores were compared as an evidence for the gained scores after the training. Three focus groups were arranged to elicit qualitative data.

From the quantitative data, it was found that the majority of the respondents was males with age range of 51-55 years and graduated with a master degree level. Their learning preference was lecture and group discussion and their preferred learning times were in the morning on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The course participants rated for their opinion towards the course as a whole at the level of “very satisfied”. Their rate for the venue and facilities was at the level of “highest satisfied”. The gained scores after the training were found to be positive. From the qualitative data, it was revealed that the course participants preferred to attend the course only some of the weekdays. They seemed to understand the training objectives. They commented that the content of the course was useful; however, some aspects of the learning and teaching process needed to be improved. The course participants suggested that needs analysis for the training should be conducted continually ever year. The course evaluation was also required to be performed every year. The lecture should be reduced and the conclusion in English should be added. Domestic field trips should focus on real existing problem issues while the overseas field trips should emphasize on the content of the national defense rather than recreation and the trips should be free from disturbing minor factors.