The Success of Collaborative Local Governance: Lesson from the Organization of Social Services System for the Aged society in Kalasin Municipality


  • Alongkot Sarakarn 85/275 Seri Thai Road, Soi 9, Khlong Kum Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10240


The purpose of this article was to 1) present the success principles of collaborative local governance in Kalasin municipality, Mueang Kalasin district, Kalasin province. 2) For, it was a lesson for other local government organizations in Thailand. In research method By the qualitative research with documentation survey and interviews. According to study, it has been found that project for the organization of social services system for the aged society in Kalasin municipality. It had to start a collaborative network either government, civil society and the people who came to work together. It had planning, decision, making, action, exchange and resource mobilization. In addition, there was collaborative structure and had a common goal. The factors that lead to success was ability in individual collaboration level and organization level. and it was a policy recommendation for Development of Thai Local Governance, strengthening consciousness in local ownership, strengthening fairness in local resource management and strengthening the development of networking between local communities with local administration.

Author Biography

Alongkot Sarakarn, 85/275 Seri Thai Road, Soi 9, Khlong Kum Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10240