A Status of Lao Language Studies in Lao PDR. by Thais

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Rattana Chanthao


The aim of this article is to synthesize Lao language studies written by Thai scholars. The studies are divided into two groups-those published before 1992, and those published between 1992 and 2006. The data was collected from academic writing; theses, research, and articles.  Most of the studies in the first group are of spoken Lao and were written by both foreigners and Thais. They include (Chamberlain, 1984, 1991, 2001; Wilaiwan, 1973; and Varisa, 1997). Most of those in the second group are analyses of lexicon, including loanwords, color terms, elaborative words, writing errors, etc. Their approaches include comparative studies with the Thai language. Two (Vira, 2535 and Virapong, 2542) are about changes in writing with regard to the language policy of the Lao government after 1975 when the country became the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. The studies of Chutima (2539), Wipawan (2540), Varisa (2541), and Rattana & Sarisa (2549) decribe errors in Thai writing by Laos, while there are also errors in Lao writing by Thais. Visut (2542) and Orasa (2002) are similar studies focusing on language borrowing in Lao. Sarisa & Rattana (2548) and Apinya (2545) are lexicon studies. Sarisa & Rattana describe elaborative words in Lao, while Apinya elucidates color terms in Lao. in addition, the article also delineates studies in both English and Thai using language and linguistics perspectives. Varisa (2549) is the only study focusing on pragmatics.

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