Phra Thatpanom: Development of Historical, Social, Cultural, Urban and Community

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Anuwat Karnthak


Phra Thatpanom pagoda is an important Buddhist center in the heart of the Mekong Sub-region, respected by both Thais and Laos for a long time. For long history since the myth of the Urangka-That to the local history period, this demonstrates the importance of the pagoda in the region as the social and political culture of each period.  The development of the social and cultural of Thatpanom’s community began with the establishment of the community. by Praya Sumit Dhama wongsa dedicated his slave to Phra Thatpanom as the minder to take care of this pagoda, In addition, their property and territory which is the boundary of the area surrounding the community, From that time the community was the community of many people that moved out of this community cause of unrest in the region. That reason caused this area is the place of many ethnic groups who settled in this community, such as Thai-Laos, Phuthai, Vietnamese and Chinese, the community has a diverse ethnic and cultural continuity to the present.  Development of the city from the past to the present, respectively changes, such as the architectural traces left in the city which is the temple arch (Pratu Khong), Laos market and the community along Panom Panarak Road. The composition of these cities is the thing that should be valuable for conservation to tell the history of the city. The conclusions of the study of the development of the city and the people of Phra Thatpanom to understand the context and significance of the area, lead to establish the development plan of city in the future that appropriate for the major historical significance city.

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