From India To Southeast Asia: The Journey Of The Lord Ganesha

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Titiratana Wetsiriyanan
Viyouth Chamruspanth
Somsak Srisontisuk


Lord Ganesha is one of the most influencial figure of Hinduism god which in Thailand, has a growing belief and faith. It is doubt that how the belief in Lord Ganesha has been evolved in Thailand. This research has been written on document analysis on how to answer the question of faith. There are events and historical links of relationship between Indians and Southeast Asians while they were on the ancient trade route (Spice Trading Route). Also, they carried with them such belief based on two reasons (1) Personal reasons: war feeling, fortune finding, sailing knowledge and skills development, (2) Social reasons: trading and evangelism). Upon they entered the region with belief, the native Southeast Asians had adapted and manipulated belief in Lord Ganesha according to social context and culture where the belief had reached.


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