The Roles of Stakeholders and Social Networks in Becoming Farmer-entrepreneurs

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Nutchanat Somkaun
Rukchanok Chumnanmak
Wanichcha Narongchai


The aim of this research was to analyze the roles of stakeholders and social networks that play a vital role for farmers in becoming farmer-entrepreneurs in Khon Kaen province. The concept of social networks was adopted as the framework to analyze this phenomenon, and the qualitative method was used in the research. In-depth interviews and observations were employed to obtain data from 16 key informants. Content analysis was performed on the data which were presented using descriptive analysis. The results showed that the farmers became farmer-entrepreneurs under interdependent conditions and benefits gained from social networks established with various kinds of people. The stakeholders involved in production and entrepreneurial activities were as follows: 1) household members who provided the labor and capital and also sold products; 2) groups or community leaders in charge of developing and exchanging knowledge and information regarding production and agriproduct sales; 3) government officials involved with policy making and agricultural sector extension; and 4) the private sector or markets that are associated with the farmer-entrepreneurs or buy agriproducts from them. In addition, two types of networks were established with other stakeholders: 1) social networks established through physical space in the form of official entrepreneur groups and interactions with others to discuss or exchange information, and 2) social networks established using information technology that allows them to use a variety of applications to reach their customer groups or those sharing the same interests or ideals. It was found that the farmers were able to use the various networks that they have to become more successful and effective in their businesses.


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Somkaun, N., Chumnanmak, R. ., & Narongchai, W. . (2021). The Roles of Stakeholders and Social Networks in Becoming Farmer-entrepreneurs. Journal of Mekong Societies, 17(3), 121–147. Retrieved from