The Development of Tea Planting and Tea Culture Tourism in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

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Yanling Guo
Montira Rato


This article analyzes the historical development of tea planting and production in Thai Nguyen province in the northern midlands of Vietnam based on documentary research. It also analyzes the patterns of tea culture tourism there by employing qualitative research methodology, using in-depth interview and participatory and non-participatory observation to collect data on site. The findings reveal that the province, which has a long history of green tea production, started large-scale plantation after French colonization and revived it during the Doi Moi reform, which was initiated in 1986. Experience-based tea culture tours in Thai Nguyen are becoming popular, mainly among foreign tourists seeking knowledge and beautiful scenery. The tea culture destinations and the tour packages provide sightseeing as well as opportunities to try tea-related activities, such as harvesting, production, and tasting. This article suggests that tea culture tourism in Thai Nguyen is developing quickly as a multilevel tourism form combining scenery sightseeing, learning, and hands-on experiences. However, it is still in the emerging stage and faces challenges of infrastructure on its road to development.


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