Obstacles to the Success of the Movement against Mining in Isan

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Supee Samorna


This study aims to analyze the conditions that obstruct the success of the movement against mining in Isan. From documentation and interviews, the results showed that the movement of the Isan movement against mining companies in 1997 was not achieved. The movement was not fulfilled. The claim was not under pressure to extend the cancellation of the Acts. It cannot stop the government and the concessionaire to stop their projects and to heal the effect. In the movement itself, the claims are too difficult to bring into action. Tactical movement along normal channels of political system cannot put pressure on the government. The conditions also came from the outside of the movement as well. The government has a high adaptability to handle the issues, a small number of people as a force of change joining the movement, and strong government political structure. Even though the movement has resulted in an indirect way, the movement has learned and adapted to the attitude of the government and concessionaire toward the social movements. The movement turned to a new tactic to draw the society attention. At the same time, the movement practitioners have paid more attention on adjusting the organization structure to be more flexible and effective resources mobilization.

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