History of Local Politics: A Case Study of Sisaket Municipality, 1980-2007

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Phanniga Chayakul


This article attempts to answer the following key questions relating to the history of local politics of Sisaket Municipality. How many political cliques are there in the municipality? When were they formed? How do these groups compete and to what extent; and finally, what determines their long-lasting influence in the Sisaket municipal area? The study found that the first political groups in Sisaket were established in 1980. They included Mor Pang and Mitpracha. Fifteen years later, more groups were formed to compete in the administration of Sisaket Municipality; these were Rak Sisaket, Palang Muanchon, and Luk Maesi 2000. However, since 1983, Mitpracha has dominated the political scene. Its continuing influence and persisting political power can be traced to three main factors: 1) the strength of the group’s leaders, 2) amenable negotiations with influential families in the municipality and their ability to manipulate prominent non-aligned local politicians to join their group, and 3) their roles in creating and laying a firm political foundation which has successfully kept them securely in power.


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