Vietnamese Migrant Workers in Ubon Ratchathani Municipality

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Watcharee Srikham


The Mekong sub-region transnational labor force reflects the demand for labor in the manufacturing and service industries. This demand exists beyond the borders and, at times, state regulations. This research aimed to offer an analysis of push and pull factors contributing to the Vietnamese workers’arrival in Ubon Ratchathani municipality and to examine their employment channels, social adaptation processes, and lifestyles. The research was based on in-depth interviews with 50 Vietnamese workers. It found that key push factors encouraging Vietnamese workers to enter Ubon Ratchathani include the economy, population growth, and family issues. Employers in Ubon Ratchathani municipality offer economic incentives for these workers, including food, shelter, and monthly travel expenses to and from the border. Vietnamese workers in Ubon Ratchathani municipality depend on a network of families and friends to recruit prospective workers, as well as employers who help newly arrived workers to adjust to life in the new country. Their illegal status motivate them to study the Thai language for survival.


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