Approaches to the Study of Rural Democratization

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Mana Nakham
Monchai Phongsiri
Thagoon Soravongsiri


Process towards democracy in rural areas is a new phenomenon that reflects rural areas as they are today.  However, there are few theories that explain present changing rural conditions. This has caused a narrow perspective on rural change and limited interpretations of “politics” and “democracy.” There is a lack of knowledge and understanding of rural people’s emotions, feelings, and ideas. This has an impact on democratization activities and changing power relationships between rural people and the state and other groups of people in the society. Amidst socio-economic changes, rural people have built an understanding and meaning of their own lives in the society which has caused changes in their positions and locations in the society. Movements of different groups of rural people that connect with different dimensions of life have been generated. Therefore, for the present situation, the development of ways to study the processes that build democracy in rural areas is important.


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