International Conference, "Critical Transitions in the Mekong Regione"

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Kaewta Janthranusorn


Some Idea about International Conference : Critical Transition in The Mekong Region. Depend on Point of view “the Mekong basin” as the Space of Relationship between countries and has been continually constructed through dynamic and interrelated processes of social, cultural, economic, and political transformation.  Contemporary regional trends towards modernity, globalization and regional development have benefited many sectors in society. The Panel sessions ; 1)  Regionalization of Development / Local Engagements with States in Transition  2)  Transborder, Marginalization and Identity / Transcending Boundaries : Mobility and  Movement  3)  Gender and Changing Family Relations  4)  Religion, Modernity and Identity   5)  People, Power Relations and Poverty in the Mekong Region  6) Agrarian Transition  and 7)  Transnationalism and Civil Society, and all issues are  relative to  the structure of Transition in the level of policy,phenomenon  and practice


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