A Beginning of the History of Cambodia

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Thibodi BuaKamsri


Historical writing is a kind of literary works. Historians are the story–telling who narrate a story that was happened in the past. They begin the story with a beginning, follow by the middle, and end with an end. Changing a part of the story will affect a whole story.  This article aims to study a beginning of the history of Cambodia. Historical writings that I choose to examine are both traditional and modern works, such as Rajabangsavatar (Royal Chronicles), historique book, and textbooks. Changing of the beginning shall be shown by date of composition and compilation, and I will try to discuss that what are the causes of the changing?  Comparing with Thai and Laos case on changing the beginning of the history is an end of this paper.  I will try to show that the changing of the beginning of the history of Cambodia, as well as history of Thailand and Laos, was determines by the sense of a believable long history. Possession the longer history that base on scientific evidences means Cambodians became the true and legitimate owner of the land of Kok Thlok, present day Cambodia, develop the glorious nation and high civilization by themselves.


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