Evaluation of participant satisfaction and website efficiency of the Mahidol Quality Fair


  • Piyanat Promsarn Division of Quality Development, Office of the President, Mahidol University
  • Suphatsa Thieng-r-rome Division of Quality Development, Office of the President, Mahidol University
  • Supaporn Timsamran Division of Quality Development, Office of the President, Mahidol University


Satisfaction, Mahidol Quality Fair, Submission system, Web analytic tool


This research studied the satisfaction of applicants and the efficiency of the Mahidol Quality Fair 2020. This researcher applied cross-sectional analytic approach in this study. The sample group comprised 200 applicants submitting their work in the quality conference of Mahidol Quality Fair 2020. The researcher developed questionnaires composed of three parts, namely, general information, satisfaction in work submission process, and suggestions. The statistical methods applied in this research were percentage, mean, standard deviation, T-test, and One-way ANOVA. The researcher also used the secondary data from web analytic tools, namely, Google Analytics, Google Lighthouse, and Google PageSpeed Insights. The finding revealed that the majority of the sample group was female (82.42%), aged between 24-39 years (50.39%), having more than 10 years of tenure (64.54%), working in supporting section (59.34%), submitting the work for the first time (58.79%). The sample group was satisfied with work submission process at a very high level (= 4.43, S.D. = 0.74). The use of work presentation form gained the highest average score of satisfaction ( = 4.48, S.D. = 0.68), followed by the work submission system (= 4.47, S.D. = 0.75), the service performed by the officers (= 4.44, S.D. = 0.75), the public relations (= 4.39, S.D. = 0.71), and the use of website (= 4.37, S.D. = 0.80), respectively. Satisfaction towards the submission system was found to be very high in every aspect. Gender (p = 0.025) and type of personnel (p = 0.001) have significant effects on the overall degree of satisfaction towards the submission system (p < 0.05). The satisfaction with efficiency of the website based on users’ experience (Core Web Vitals), Total blocking time (TBT) was at a good level. The satisfaction with information loading speed of largest contentful paint (LCP), and cumulative layout shifts (CLS) was at a level suggesting that these aspects should be improved.


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