Problems in Japanese to Thai Translation -A focus on Lexical Translation-

  • สมเกียรติ เชวงกิจวณิช Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University
Keywords: Lexical Translation, Japanese Language, Thai Language, Problems, Thai Learners of Japanese


This study aims to investigate the problems of translating Japanese into Thai, focusing on lexical translation, and also to explore the causes of the problems and to propose some ideas to solve these problems. The reason for focusing on lexical translation is that lexical translation is one of the most difficult tasks for translators (Imai 2009). The data used in this study are the Thai translations of 22 Japanese articles of various types such as news articles, letters, e-mails, speeches, novels, cartoons etc., translated by Thai learners of Japanese. Various problems were found and analyzed. The causes of the problems are categorized into Carelessness, Guessing without investigation, Misunderstanding, Paying not enough attention to expressions of target language, and Lack of awareness of audiences. Some ideas are provided to solve the problems.


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