Lilit Inao: A Study of Its Historical Background and the Literary Value as Lilit

  • ธานีรัตน์ จัตุทะศรี Department of Thai, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
Keywords: Lilit, Inao, historical background, literary value


This paper aims to study Lilit Inao, an anonymous literary work, written in a Samut Thai, or a folded paper book, and is now kept in the National Library of Thailand. The purpose of this study is to examine the date of composition of Lilit Inao, the poet, its literary source, and its literary value. The study proposes that Lilit Inao was composed by a court poet between the late Ayuddhaya period to the early Rattanakosin period (the 18th-19th century) before Inao of King Rama II was composed. In addition, the study proposes that the literary source that the poet used to compose Lilit Inao might be either Inao of King Rama I or the earlier version of Inao, which was the same source for the Inao of King Rama I. The study also finds that the poet composed Lilit Inao by using many literary techniques, including using Rai and Khlong appropriately, playing with the sounds in words, repeating words and phrases, using synonyms, using words of imagery and metaphor, and artistically inserting didactic content for women. Lilit Inao, therefore, has literary value as Lilit. Furthermore, this work can be considered the first and only Lilit in Thai literature that tells the story of Inao.


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