Factors Influencing Life Insurance Purchasing of Consumers in Nonthaburi Province


  • Sutham Lertpongprasert Part Time Lecturer, Master of Arts Program in Modern Organization Management, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Krirk University
  • Vithavee Pratoomsawat Office Director of Master’s and Doctoral Degree Program in Modern Organizational Management, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Krirk University


Influencing factors, Purchasing behavior, Life insurance policy


          The purposes of this research article were: 1) to study the life insurance purchasing behavior of consumers in Nonthaburi Province; 2) to study the marketing mix factors in purchasing life insurance of consumers in Nonthaburi Province, and 3) to study personal factors and marketing factors influencing the purchase of life insurance by consumers in Nonthaburi Province. The sample consisted of 400 people. The research instrument was a questionnaire. The statistics used in the research were frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and chi-square analysis.

           The results of the research revealed that 1) most of life insurance purchasing behaviors were life savings insurance with own decision, the coverage period was 16-20 years with payment of 25,001-50,000 baht per year, Siam Samsung Life Insurance Company Limited was the seller company through an agent, age range of the life insurance buyer was 31-40 years, 2) the marketing mix factors for life insurance purchases were found important in overall at the highest level, 3) personal factors and marketing mix factors influenced life insurance purchase behavior of consumers in Nonthaburi Province with statistical significance at the 0.05 level.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)