Past or Present That Importantly Affects How We Live Our lives

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สมาน อัศวภูมิ


I believed that most people, like me in the past, used to believe that past experiences were factors that our present and future lives depend on. But, if I propose that “our perceptions of the past and present attitudes pay important role on our present and future lives”, someone might say that I was insane. However, after I happened to come across Adler’s theory, I found the opposite theory of Freud’s. This inspired me to write this article to support my belief that has been my interest for the last ten years. This article aimed to point out the different thoughts of the two magnificent theorists. The ONE, Freud, who had influenced me over forty years while the OTHER, Adler, who might have been long influenced the academic society, but I just happened to come across his theory not long ago, but hit my mind, and though it might be useful to share today.


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