A Study of Conflict, Violence, and Peace

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Phra Rangson Suwan


Conflict, violence, and peace are studied by scholars in the world for analyzing causes and effects of conflict, violence, and peace. Scholars want to understand what are the fundamental structures of conflicts and violence and they want to apply peace for eliminating conflicts, violence, and wars in the world. Generally, conflict is on the imbalances of social justice within personal, group, and national levels; then conflict is a part of the existence. People have faced conflicts when they convince themselves with the incompatible goals and they take these goals with clash. Conflicts bring to many issues and unwanted outcomes. Violence consists of the imperfect thoughts, speeches, and actions that lead to physical, psychological, and social damages in society. An absence of violence is defined for peace but an absence of violence is not really the meaning of peace. Peace should bring economic equity, social harmony, and social justice for people in society. Johan Galtung is one of the popular scholars in the peace studies. He has introduced a typology of violence, a typology of violence and basic needs, and a typology of violence and peace. To understand conflicts, violence, and peace, peacemaking will be an approach way to make the peaceful society in the world.


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