Life Quality of the Self-Reliant Elderly in Moei Wadi Sub-district Municipality, Moei Wadi District, Roi Et Province


  • Ratchapol Srikhaoros ผู้ช่วยศาสตราจารย์ ดร., ผู้อำนวยการหลักสูตรรัฐประศาสนศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต วิทยาลัยนครราชสีมา
  • Waraporn Rungreungkolkich รองศาสตราจารย์ ดร., อาจารย์ประจำหลักสูตรรัฐประศาสนศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต วิทยาลัยนครราชสีมา
  • Bancha Witthayaanan รองศาสตราจารย์ ดร., อาจารย์ประจำหลักสูตรนิติศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต วิทยาลัยนครราชสีมา


quality of Life, the elderly, self-reliant


          This survey research aims to study levels of the life quality and compare them with the self-reliant elderly’s personal factors in Moei Wadi Sub-district Municippality, Moei Wadi District, Roi Et Province. There were 923 elderly people; a sample consisted of 279 people. Data were analyzed by the use of basic statistics, frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation.

           The research findings were:

  1. The Life quality of the self-reliant elderly in Moei Wadi Sub-district Municippality, Moei Wadi District, Roi Et Province had overall a high level. When divided into income at the high level the aspects with the highest average value were coexistence and strength building of elderly, followed by knowledge access to news and media, health and prevention, promotion of housing, and proper and safe environment; the lowest level was income and job.
  2. The comparative results showed that the life quality the self-reliant elderly in the municipality of Moei Wadi Subdistrict, Moei Wadi District, Roi Et Province, in all aspects were not significantly different statistically.
  3. Improvement guidelines for the quality self-reliant elderly in municipality of Moei Wadi Subdistrict are to expedite coordination with relevant local: providing the elderly with suitable occupations supporting their living sufficiently.






บทความวิจัย (Research article)